Kard Combat, Spy Mouse, more push big updates

Mike Schramm
M. Schramm|11.04.11

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Kard Combat, Spy Mouse, more push big updates

Hothead Games' great freemium card game for iOS, Kard Combat, has gotten a big update this week in the App Store. The biggest new feature is a new "pass-and-play" multiplayer mode, which allows for two players with one iOS device in the same place to play their cards out, and then pass the device on to the next person. Obviously, it requires a little bit of honor on the part of players, but if you just want to play a friendly game of Kard Combat, it's a cool mode to try. Game Center multiplayer has also been added to the game to work inside iOS 5, and there are new UI updates and a few other new features in there as well.

Firemint's line-drawing stealth game Spy Mouse has also gotten an update, bringing in new global leaderboards, new challenges, and a few other bug fixes and other tweaks. Kiska, the in-game cat which will help you get past some of the tougher levels, can now also be used once per hour rather than just once per day.

Artistic platformer Contre Jour also got a nice update, adding 20 new levels to play through, featuring a cool opposite visual style from the rest of the game.

And finally, while it hasn't been updated recently or anything, I'll also just mention that Super Stickman Golf is free today as well. If you haven't picked up this great little 2D fantasy golf game for iOS, now's the time.

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