Motorola Xoom 2 Media Edition hands-on (video)

Motorola's second new tablet today has decided it shrink itself down to more manageable 8.2-inch capacitive screen. Like the Xoom 2, it still measures up at 0.35 inches thick -- to check we even brought our iPhone along to compare. The Media Edition weighs in at under one pound, but packs in the same 1.2GHz processor and Gorilla glass coating of its bigger sister. In the hand, this new size feels somewhere between the older Xoom and a BlackBerry PlayBook, and Moto are gearing it as an ebook-style tablet, which will just about fit inside more capacious jacket and trouser pockets. Both tablets are looking to appeal to business types, with QuickOffice, Evernote and Twonky (that means DLNA-compatible streaming) all pre-installed. The Xoom 2 Media Edition also matches its larger brother's five and 1.2 megapixel camera combo and the latest Honeycomb build available at launch. Fortunately, Motorola has already announced that yes, like the new RAZR, the two new Xooms can both expect a lick of Ice Cream Sandwich some time after launch. Check our hands-on video of the small-screened big hitter right after the break. The Media Edition is priced up at £329.99. %Gallery-138340%