Tropico exports enhanced by Steam sale this weekend

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Tropico exports enhanced by Steam sale this weekend
This weekend's Steam sale will feature all that Tropico has to offer between 33-66 percent off. Tropico: Reloaded, which includes Tropico 1 and 2, is $2.37, which is less than a bunch of bananas.

Another (politically justified) steal is Tropico 3 and its Absolute Power expansion at $3.39 apiece. Both titles are a great way to dip your dictator desires into the pool of power and see if Tropico 4 is worth the coin.

Finally, Tropico 4 is only 33 percent off, is $26.79. The game is an evolutionary step up from Tropico 3, with a robust campaign that takes players through the rules of ruling the island nation.%Gallery-138356%
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