T-Mobile Galaxy S II screen issues have some seeing (poorly rendered) red

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T-Mobile Galaxy S II screen issues have some seeing (poorly rendered) red
The T-Mobile version of the Galaxy S II is certainly a fine piece of hardware and we didn't have any complaints about the Super AMOLED Plus display in our review, but others have come across some perplexing problems with the screen. There's a thread going over at the XDA forums that takes pretty in-depth look at the panels on both the Sprint and T-Mo variants of the GSII and turns up some major disparities between contrast levels and color reproduction. There are also some odd artifacts, including lines and blobs that pop up when viewed with the brightness cranked in a dark room as well. Now, we'd hardly call the poorly calibrated display a deal breaker but, for those who are sticklers about that sort of thing, it could be a major annoyance. Some of the crafty devs over at the forums, including our friend Francois Simond (Supercurio), are looking for a potential software fix to the problem. Hit up the source link to see what all the hubbub is about and head after the break for one more image.
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