Latest Elsword patch introduces enhanced PvP, grouping incentives

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Latest Elsword patch introduces enhanced PvP, grouping incentives
Screenshot -- Elsword
Kill3rCombo's anime-style sidescroller Elsword has just received a brand-new update that adds a few new features for players to enjoy. PvPers will surely be overjoyed by the newly enhanced PvP system, which boasts new matchmaking functionality and the addition of Arena Points. Arena Points are earned by players through participation in matchmade games and can be used to purchase new weapons.

Social players will find that partying up now grants increased experience points, which should provide greater incentive to adventure as a group. The final two Velder town levels are now available, and so are two new pets which will assist players on their adventures. To get in on the fun, head on over to Elsword's official site.

[Source: Kill3rCombo press release]
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