Modern Game Journalism: The Movie: The Trailer

Jordan Mallory
J. Mallory|11.14.11

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Modern Game Journalism: The Movie: The Trailer
The saddest part of Mega64's latest satirical jab at the gaming industry isn't the fact that Modern Game Journalism: The Movie will never be made into a real film, but rather just how startlingly accurate and true-to-life its depiction of review backlash is.

Seriously, this may be a hilarious poke at the gaming industry for you at home, but it's the equivalent of an ultra-gritty war drama for us in the field. Once he saw this trailer, our managing editor Justin McElroy had what we can only assume was a post-traumatic episode, at which point he had to be horse-tranquilized. It, uhm, it was a bad scene.
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