Amazing EVE Online video tells epic tale of wormhole conflict

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Amazing EVE Online video tells epic tale of wormhole conflict
Clarion Call 3 title image
PvP in EVE Online is more often likened to a game of strategy than of action. If that's true, then Rooks and Kings' impressive track record for tactical genius makes the alliance undeniably a grandmaster of intergalactic chess. The group's instructional video Clarion Call: Triage Special in early 2009 was released to wide acclaim, and the tactics demonstrated in the video became core strategies replicated by military corporations throughout the game. The follow-up video Clarion Call: Pantheon evolved those strategies to counter opponents prepared to come up against triage carriers.

Massively is proud to exclusively reveal Rooks and Kings' third and undeniably most impressive video to date. Clarion Call 3 moves the stage of Rooks and Kings' normal hunting grounds in nullsec and lowsec to the undiscovered lands of wormhole space. But star Alazais says "one does not simply walk into a wormhole," noting that the tight restrictions on the mass of ships that can enter a wormhole presents new challenges. The group fought outnumbered and outgunned against an enemy possessing an ability that later became known as "the infinity gun."

Skip past the cut to learn more about the infinity gun exploit and to watch the full film. Don't forget to set it to 1080p for the full HD experience.

Clarion Call 3 follows the events of last year's infamous wormhole exploit and the ensuing war, with special mentions to Massively's coverage of the news. During Rooks and Kings' first attack on exploiter Aperture Harmonics, the defending corporation appeared to hit targets for maximum damage with short-range weapons at ranges that would make a sniper cry; they had the infinity gun.

The group initially claimed innocence, but Alazais remarks that "in steel, as in flesh, corpses leave clues." He found evidence in the wreckage of destroyed ships that proved the exploit beyond any doubt, and soon after brought the war to Aperture Harmonics' doorstep. In what is almost certainly the most nail-biting small-scale battle ever filmed in EVE, the group took on a vastly superior and escalating force, relying heavily on calm and confident fleet-commanding skills to keep things together. This is EVE truly at its best, through the eyes of a grandmaster.

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