Jay Leno's Chevy Volt still has original tank of gas, 11,000 miles later

What daily driver do you pick when you're rockin' a warehouse with over a hundred enviable whips? Well, if you happen to be a famous comedian named Jay Leno, apparently it's the Chevy Volt. Since procuring the plug-in chariot last year, the late night star has "yet to put gas in it," despite accumulating over 11,000 miles driving to and from what we'll assume is The Tonight Show. Not all of that has been gasoline-free automotive bliss, as Leno's exceeded the car's electric 40-ish mile range more than a few times, burning through around half of the vehicle's original tank. At that rate, the Volt will need refueling by this time next year -- or not, barring any further timeslot kerfuffles.