23-foot-high theremin appears in Melbourne, begins to freak out passersby

It appeared out of nowhere. And it makes semi-disturbing, 50s era sci-fi movie sounds when you
approach it. Over in Melbourne, artist Robin Fox has installed a seven meter (23 foot) high theremin instrument. Like the classic theremin design, the user doesn't have to physically touch it but just has to be within a certain range to activate it. Once initiated, you can expect to be aurally bombarded with retro movie sounds -- a cacophony of rubber monsters beating each other within an inch of their lives. The theremin will be present on the waterfront for the next three months as part of Melbourne Music Week, and you can click on through to hear its sounds as well as wonder when the ghost of Vincent Price will be showing up in the near future.

For you guys looking to hear several minutes of spooky theremin goodness, click here to download the MP3 file.