Daily iPad App: Perfect365 touches up faces in a snap

Mel Martin
M. Martin|11.25.11

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Daily iPad App: Perfect365 touches up faces in a snap

I'm really impressed when powerful applications or techniques migrate to iOS and seem to work as well (or better than) as they do on the desktop. A good example is Perfect365 HD.

This iPad app lets you take a photo of a person and modify it, 'improving' their facial structure, lips, eyes, nose, cheeks -- just about any part of the face that may need a nip here or a tuck there. Basically, the app gives any person a one click makeover. It's plastic surgery without the risk.

Portrait photographers and advertising agencies have been using these techniques for years, but usually the work is complicated and takes a long time. Perfect365 can do it in a click or two. Facial recognition features identify the parts of the face and with a couple of clicks your can turn your significant other into something a bit beyond their normal look. You can be subtle or extreme.

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Images can be from your photo albums, or you can activate your camera and take the picture any time you want.

When you're done, the enhanced image can be saved back to your photo album, or sent to Facebook, Twitter or Flickr.

I tried the app on some pictures of people I had stashed on my hard drive, and I must say the results are pretty amazing and easy to accomplish. Some friends really liked the enhancements, some found it all a bit creepy. I found subtle changes were the best, cleaning up complexions or whitening teeth. The app provides a before and after view so you can see exactly what has changed. I have some examples in the gallery.

The app sells for US $4.99. I've used some Mac applications that are far more expensive but give similar results, although they offer more control and features. There's an iPhone version of the app that is now selling for $1.99.

If you're a casual photographer with friends that aren't happy with their 'look' I'll bet this app will please them and make you popular at the same time.

With the holidays here up you may be taking a lot of photos, and I think you'll be pleased with Perfect365.

The app requires iOS 3.2 or greater. Arcsoft, the company that created the app, also has a Mac OS X version coming with, you guessed it, more control and more features.

Check the gallery for some before and after photos.


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