Lineage II awakens to free-to-play today

Lineage II

Got room in your stomach for another free-to-play adaptation? If so, NCsoft has a plump and willing Lineage II that it would like you to nibble upon, if you're so willing.

The company announced that it was adopting a hybrid F2P/subscription model a month ago, and things have certainly picked up speed since then. Players can level all the way up to 99 without spending any money if they choose, and NCsoft has implemented a "Path to Awakening" system that will dole out new rewards for players going through this journey.

Normally, a F2P transition would be a major update in and of itself, but NCsoft is coupling Lineage II's relaunch with the Goddess of Destruction update. It's even opened up a new server, Shilen, to handle the influx of freebies. This update comes packaged with additional zones, eight new classes, an auction house system, and more.

A new website awaits those interested in Lineage II's next evolutionary stage. For players who don't mind investing some cash into the game, NCsoft is selling Exploration Packs starting at $5 to open up more of the game for funzies.