Super Hero Squad Online reaches the one-million-player mark

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Super Hero Squad Online reaches the one-million-player mark
Fun missions, quirky emotes, and customizable superhero hideouts seem to have carved out a comfortable space in the MMO gaming world: Marvel's Super Hero Squad Online announced today that it's reached one million registered users.

SHSO, which launched just back in April, has been a big hit with the younger crowd (and presumably with parents) by offering up free and easily accessible gameplay as well as a focus on a kid-friendly environment. Jay Minn, vice president of Gazillion's Amazing Society, is predictably happy with the number and promises to keep the updates coming: "We'll keep adding new content and characters all the time, it's truly wonderful to see the game alive with over a million registered players having fun brawling, battling, exploring and making super heroic friends!"

[Source: Gazillion press release]
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