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Grand Theft Auto 3's Anniversary Edition arrives December 15

Grand Theft Auto 3's Anniversary Edition arrives December 15
Mike Schramm
Mike Schramm|December 6, 2011 5:45 PM

That anniversary edition of Grand Theft Auto 3 for iOS has been dated: You'll be able to rejoin the streets of Liberty City on your iPad and iPhone next week, on December 15. Rockstar will be releasing the game for both iOS and Android, and you can see a picture of the game's touchscreen controls above. It looks pretty good, but know that it will only be made to run well on "new generation" devices, so if you're still rocking a 3GS or an iPad 1, you might have a little slowdown.

Still, the fact that we're getting this game on mobile devices is pretty excellent, and the price is nice too: Just $4.99. Rockstar says there's a new trailer coming next week, but soon after that we'll see the game on the App Store. Excited? Sure, the game's old, but this is a classic. I'm curious to see both how the game runs, and how it sells -- if this one does pretty well (and works the same), maybe we'll see more "classic" PS2 generation titles arrive on mobile platforms in the future.

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