Sprint LTE phones to arrive 'in the second half' of 2012

Updated ·1 min read

Sprint CFO Joe Euteneuer has spilled the 4G beans on the carrier's plans to introduce LTE devices, narrowing it down to the third quarter or the beginning of the fourth quarter next year. Compared to what we've already heard, Sprint looks to be stepping up its game: "We're talking about covering 120 million [people] by the end of 2012 -- we've accelerated this because we believe LTE is really key to our future." The Now Network will offer up "a number of different models" on the next generation network, and hopes to reach 250 million potential customers by the end of 2013.

The company also added that it will be paying $350million to ClearWire spread over two years, "if they meet targets in delivering LTE to sites where traffic is heaviest." But what does the future hold for those less fortunate WiMAX users? Stay calm: the Sprint CFO reiterated that the other 4G network will continue to be supported until 2015.