Ectaco jetBook Color offers your eyes a break for $500, ships in January

Sure all of those newfangled e-reader / tablet hybrids are nice, but what about a matte finish, color screen that's a bit easier on the ol' peepers? Enter the Ectaco jetBook Color equipped with a 9.7-inch, 1600x1200 Triton Color E Ink display and an impenetrable fog of a UI . The slate sports "virtually unlimited format support and endless battery life," as well as microSD storage up to 32 GB and WiFi connectivity. Fair warning though: this isn't a new device, merely the worldwide release of one that has found success in Eastern Europe and the education sector, as you'll notice from all the scholarly extras. If you're already itchin' to get your study on and don't mind waiting until after January 15th to do so, hit that source link snag the "holiday price" of $500.