Spacetime Studios' MMOs go cross-platform with a Chrome release

Mike Schramm
M. Schramm|12.12.11

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Spacetime Studios' MMOs go cross-platform with a Chrome release

I've been a fan of Spacetime Studios' MMOs on the iPhone for a while now. That's right -- while multiplayer and even massively multiplayer games are easy to find these days, Spacetime Studios was doing a full-scale World of Warcraft-style MMO back in the early days of iOS with Pocket Legends. The company recently followed that up with the successful Star Legends.

Now it has created another technological wonder. Not only has Spacetime released both MMOs as full browser-based desktop apps on the Chrome Store (playable inside the Google Chrome browser), but it's somehow figured out cross-platform play, so those playing on iOS could join folks on Android or the desktop in a single game. Obviously, it doesn't mean much for the game itself (you'll still just see players in the world as normal) but the tech is very impressive indeed.

Spacetime's impressive mobile efforts are more compelling when you consider that it started out working on a full-scale PC MMO. Congrats to the team on all of its success. If you haven't tried these games yet, you should. Spacetime is definitely bringing the MMO genre out to a larger audience across a lot of really new platforms.

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