Apple reportedly working on wearable, Siri-compatible devices

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Apple reportedly working on wearable, Siri-compatible devices

If you watch enough Sci-Fi movies, you'll start to crave technology that lets you talk to your device and say things like "Computer, make me a cup of coffee."

An early implementation of this voice control is the Bluetooth headset which lets you make calls by speaking to your phone. Now we have voice assistants like Siri and TellMe that give you control over features besides calling. Companies are aware of the potential for voice control and are working hard to develop and improve the technology says a report from the New York Times.

The report provides initial details on futuristic, wearable devices that would interact with Apple's Siri voice assistant. One example is a glass iPod nano-like device that you would wear on your wrist. It would interact with your iPhone and let you share information between the two devices. According to the New York Times, a "very small group of Apple employees" are working on Sir-enabled prototypes that you wear as part of your everyday clothing.

These wearable devices would establish a network of sensor-filled devices that send and receive information from your smartphone. Everything will connect to your smartphone, and it will become the center of your digital existence. It's not hard to imagine a hands-free system that would track your activity level, start your coffee pot and read you the morning news using sensors embedded in your sneakers and shirt.

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