Black Prophecy releases Episode 3: Rise of the Boids

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Black Prophecy releases Episode 3: Rise of the Boids
Screenshot -- Black Prophecy
It's been a big week for sci-fi fans, but what about the fans who are less about space-knights and melodrama and more about blowing things into oblivion with big spaceships armed with big guns? Don't worry, gamigo has you covered with Black Prophecy's newest addition, Episode 3: Rise of the Boids. So wtf is a Boid, you may wonder. Well, according to this press release, "the Boids are a robotic race who have been waiting eons for a mysterious, universe-altering event to occur." Ominous.

On the gameplay side of things, Episode 3 raises the level cap to 50 while also adding "new story missions, one new warzone, a new open world sector for players level 40 and up, 11 new job missions and a brand new PvE raid system." That's right, a brand new raid system, which will allow large groups of players to band together to tackle the two newly added raids. And all of this comes with a few tweaks and fixes for various mishaps. For the update's official release trailer, click on past the cut, then head on over to Black Prophecy's official site to get in the game.

[Source: gamigo AG press release]

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