Latest UMvC3 patch live, includes Heroes and Heralds mode and various fixes

Jordan Mallory
J. Mallory|12.20.11

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Latest UMvC3 patch live, includes Heroes and Heralds mode and various fixes

Heroes and Heralds mode, one of Capcom's biggest power plays to convince Marvel vs. Capcom 3 veterans that Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 would be worth their time and dollars, has finally been delivered to patiently punching patrons the world over. In this new mode, players can either fight to save the Earth from Galactus and his cosmic crew of ne'er-do-wells, or join said group of miscreants and work towards the planet's inevitable chomping.

The mode's big selling point, beyond the shiny silver costumes of course, is the new Ability Card mechanic, which allows players to equip their characters with cards that provide ridiculous and otherwise unobtainable power-ups, such as an X-Factor burst or projectile immunity. Ability Cards are limited to the online and offline versions of Heroes and Heralds, however, so purists need not worry about the numerous balance implications inherent to the system.

The patch also fixes several game breaking bugs, including Wolverine's Spencer-assisted Swiss Cheese infinite combo and the Reverse World, as seen in the video above. Most importantly, the "tech throws whenever you want, don't even worry about it" glitch has been corrected, much to the dismay of Wesker haters everywhere.
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The free Heroes & Heralds mode DLC for Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 on PS3 and X360 is available today for download. In addition, Capcom is pleased to confirm that the Heroes & Heralds mode will be included standard in the upcoming PlayStation Vita version of Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3.

Heroes & Heralds is a separate mode that adds new and customizable features to online and offline gameplay. Players will choose between two factions – Heroes or Heralds– and will engage in a series of battles with the opposing side to help save the world or take it over. Gameplay in the Heroes & Heralds mode will be altered through the acquisition of Ability cards that range from basic alterations (speed boost) to game-changing, combo enhancing powers (invisibility or ability to pass through projectiles). Cards can be used in online and offline versions of the Heroes & Heralds modes as well as the training mode. Ability cards are based on classic Marvel and Capcom characters.

Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 takes the epic battle to all new heights with 12 new characters from the Marvel and Capcom universes, a refined fighting system,eightnew stagesand new modes. The PS Vita edition of Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 will feature online and local multiplayer, touchscreen functionality, NEAR and everything you would find in the PS3 version. In addition, the PS Vita version includes a Spectator Mode and Replay function that allows players to watch or share exciting matches over wi-fi. PS Vita exclusive Gold Herald color options are also available for the characters. As an integrated option, gamers can use the PS Vita as the "Ultimate Controller" to play the PS3 version of the game.

Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 is rated T for Teen by the ESRB and is available now in North America on PS3 and X360 for the low MSRP of $39.99. As a launch title for the PlayStation Vita system, the game will be available alongside the PS Vita First Edition bundle on February 15, 2012. The regular launch date for the PS Vita system is February 22, 2012.
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