Pathfinder Online looks to Crusader Road

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Yep. That's the whole game.
Goblinworks' upcoming Pathfinder Online was only just announced last month, but already the team is giving fans a look at what to expect from the online iteration of the popular pen-and-paper title. In a new post on Goblinworks' official site, players are given a glimpse of where their adventures will be taking place within the world of Pathfinder Online.

According to the post, the entirety of Pathfinder Online at launch will take place in a 133-square-mile region known as the Crusader Road area. To get an idea of how absurd this is, look at this post's header image. See that little red box? That's the Crusader Road area. And the remainder of the map that it's shown on is only a small fraction of the entire Pathfinder world (as an image on the blog post shows), so players should likely expect a lot of exploration in a massive-scale world. For the full details on Crusader Road, head on over to the Goblinworks official site and take a look.
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