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Samsung crafts 'world's lightest' 3D glasses in partnership with Silhouette

Vlad Savov

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You had to know that once LG sought a designer's inspiration for improving its 3D eyewear, Samsung too would be recruiting outside help with its three-dee goggles. Sure enough, Sammy has partnered up with Austrian design firm Silhouette to deliver what it claims are the world's lightest 3D glasses, weighing a measly 28g. The design is such that all the electronics are housed in two compartments at the rear of the specs, permitting for a perfect weight balance between the front and back. They'll supposedly fit on adults and children alike, will recharge wirelessly, and will also detect when 3D content is being beamed at them and automatically switch on and off. Their ability to deliver compelling content to make 3D TVs worth it, however, remains a mystery. We should be seeing plenty more of these active shutter lightweights at CES this week.

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