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New LA Noire screenshots look suspect


Rockstar has released four more screenshots of its detective thriller, LA Noire, all taking place in an interrogation room. As explained in our preview, Noire often requires you to look at human cues in order to assemble the truth. "We ask you to listen very carefully to what has been said and to remember names, places and clues, as well as decide whether you can believe what someone is saying," Team Bondi's Brendan McNamara told IGN. Essentially, you better pay attention.

But what happens if you can't keep track of it all? Well, it's entirely possible for you to arrest the wrong man. "There are definitely situations in the game where you can arrest the wrong suspect," Rockstar's Jeronimo Barrera added. "It's a player choice and adds an interesting challenge, especially if the evidence is compelling for both suspects."

When in doubt, we'll have to fall back on one of life's cardinal rules: go after the guy with the more menacing mustache.

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