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Fan-made Chrono Trigger sequel finds release


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Square Enix raised some ire by sending out a cease and desist against the release of a fan-made Chrono Trigger sequel, but the game has found its way out to the Internet anyway. Reddit user buu700 has posted what he says is a final build of Crimson Echoes, the sequel made by fans reusing the original game's sprites. He also leaked a game called Flames of Eternity a couple of weeks back, supposedly a fork of the fanmade title, which "diverged fairly heavily from what Crimson Echoes was intended to be."

Fans who've played the game say the characters are a little different than they remember (main character Crono, silent in the original, speaks, and a few of the dialects aren't quite right). But those hungry for some of the old 16-bit RPG magic will have to take what they can get -- at least until Squeenix's lawyers hear about it.

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