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Ben Judd leaves Capcom for Digital Development Management


Another Capcom producer has exited the company, though the circumstances are much less mysterious in this case than when Keiji Inafune departed. Ben Judd, best known as the producer of Bionic Commando -- and as the English voice of Phoenix Wright -- has left the company, in order to run a new Japanese office for Digital Development Management, a talent agency for the video game industry. He is the "lead agent" for Asia.

"Ben's breadth of publisher experience in Japan combined with our ever-expanding client roster allows DDM to generate and facilitate projects for publishers, brand and license holders, and investors now on a worldwide basis," DDM founder and managing partner Jeff Hilbert said in the announcement. Judd will work to connect developers and publishers, and coordinate deals between game companies.

DDM currently represents developers [PDF link] including Ninja Theory, Slant Six Games, and Silent Hill: Downpour developer Vatra Games.

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