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Portal 2 will not support PlayStation Move [update]


Update [2:30PM]: "Portal 2 does not include support for Sony's motion controller," Valve clarified in a press statement today, saying quotes in a German language PlayStation Blog interview that had indicated PlayStation Move integration was in the works had been "lost in translation." (See our original post after the break.)

Original post:

As if cross-platform Steam support (and a free Steam copy) wasn't "compensation" enough for Valve's previously shoddy PS3 support, Portal 2 will also include PlayStation Move support, according to Valve lead writer Chet Faliszek. In an interview on the German language PlayStation Blog, Faliszek was apologetic to PS3 owners for the Orange Box port that Valve "made the mistake of" letting an external team at EA develop. The port "didn't quite achieve the same quality level that we have at Valve," he understated, before reiterating that Valve has since established a dedicated, in-house PS3 team.

"As a small, remedial measure we have PS3-exclusive cloud storage [of saved games], a free code for [the PC/Mac version] and complete PlayStation Move support [in Portal 2]," Faliszek said (according to a translation), adding, "See it as compensation for Left 4 Dead" -- or, rather, the lack thereof on PS3.

Faliszek noted that Move is a "completely new experience" for the development team, and it's "not yet fully integrated" into the game -- perhaps a factor in the short delay of the game's release to April. The late addition of Move support runs contrary to statements made by Valve's Gabe Newell last fall when he joked with PSM3 that Move and 3D-display support would "have to wait for 'Portal 3' or another title. We won't be supporting those in Portal 2."

Faliszek confirmed that Valve is still not integrating 3D into Portal 2, which is already disorienting enough in 2D. "The levels are changing -- sometimes you stand on your head -- and then again the world seems to turn." It would be too difficult to accurately place portals in 3D, he added.

Finally, he acknowledged that it's "very difficult" to build console-specific mod tools, and user-generated content for Portal 2 will only be creatable on the PC. Given cross-platform compatibility, however, "we are working with Sony to find out a way to get the biggest and most important modifications and maps of PC users on the PS3." Faliszek noted that the mods could possibly be delivered as free DLC (via PSN) or through the Steam Play service itself. As for premium DLC, "we've got quite a lot of crazy ideas," Faliszek teased.

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