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Fruit Ninja hits six million sales, sponsors a fruit orchard


Halfbrick's little iPhone app Fruit Ninja has hit 6 million paid downloads. To make amends for slaughtering over 150 billion pieces of virtual fruit, the company is partnering with the Fruit Tree Planting Foundation -- yup, it's a real thing. Halfbrick will sponsor the planting of an orchard in a "low-income Native American community," with the delicious fruits of such an endeavor quite obvious to all parties involved.

The Fruit Tree Planting Foundation will be charged with planting and maintaining the Halfbrick fruit orchard. Residents of the internet will be able to check out the growth of the fruit development complex on and Halfbrick's site. Now we will meditate on the bizarre nature of our world, where wholesale virtual fruit slaughter (or real-life, if one is cosplaying) in an app spawns the development of a real-world orchard.

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