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CCP Games expanding US presence, hiring 150 additional staff


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Icelandic game development studio CCP Games began life as a handful of employees in a small Reykjavik building. The ongoing success of its flagship game EVE Online has fueled the company's expansion into a global entity with offices in Iceland, the United States, China and the United Kingdom. In addition to working on EVE Online, CCP's offices house people working on the upcoming console MMOFPS Dust 514 and the announced World of Darkness MMO.

CCP announced today that its American headquarters are to be relocated to a new area in Atlanta. The new office space will provide some much-needed room for the company to expand, allowing it to create up to 150 new jobs over the next three years. Many of these jobs will be filled by local colleges and universities, which offer comprehensive courses relating heavily to work in the games industry.

Mike Tinney, President of CCP North America, was positive about the move. "Decatur offers the perfect blend of big city accessibility with a hometown feel that we were looking for," he said. "Georgia's financial climate combined with Decatur's social climate provide the ideal conditions for continued growth."

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