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Fable 3 set to overthrow the PC kingdom May 17 [update: now with screens!]

PC gamers, it's time for you to renew your passport and update your vaccinations: You're going to be taking a trip to Albion in a few short months. Microsoft has announced that the third installment in its morally dichotomous RPG series, Fable 3, is due out on the PC in North America May 17, and in Europe, Australia and New Zealand May 19.

The Windows version of the game will include full 3D support for folks using the appropriate NVIDIA cards, and will also add a "Hardcore" mode, giving the game an unprecedented level of difficulty. We wonder if that difficulty will be reflected in the game's major ethical decisions as well -- for instance: Do you want to sacrifice your children, your wife, or your dog ... in the real world? Mwahahaha!

Update: Check out a ton of screens in the gallery below.

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