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The iPad 2 and 1080p, there's nothing to see here

Ben Drawbaugh

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Today is of course iPad 2 day and the HD world didn't get left without any news. Many seem excited about the iPad 2's 1080p video output, we're not. It isn't that we don't think that teachers and marketing professionals alike will really find it useful, it's just that we will laugh our way right out of your house if we walk in and you have a 20 foot HDMI cable strung across the living room floor watching 720p movies or playing Angry Birds on the big screen. What's that you say, the iPad can output 1080p? Well sort of. The iPad can mirror its 1024x768 display in 1080p but it still won't decode 1080p H.264 videos, and we don't know what type of TV you have, but we'd bet ours does a little bit better job of scaling than the magical iPad. All that being said, the iPad 2's new form factor will increase its desirability as a couch companion -- not to mention we'll buy anything with magnets -- but an HD source device, not so much.

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