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Suda 51 would like to do No More Heroes 3, it just won't happen anytime soon


It appears that Suda 51 thinks the odds of another No More Heroes game happening in the near future are about nil. During Grasshopper Manufacture's recent streaming event, Suda said (translation via Andriasang) he'd "like to" do another entry "at some point," but it isn't something that would happen anytime "soon." Oh, now you've got JC crying, Mr. Suda. Wonderful.

Character designer Yusuke Kozaki also offered an interesting proposition: a new game where Shinobu, the high school student by day, assassin by night who appeared in both No More Heroes and No More Heroes: Desperate Struggle is the main character. Kozaki also revealed that Grasshopper had come up with so many characters, it had enough for two more No More Heroes games. Okay, guys, now you're just being cruel!

The remainder of the event then shifted to Frog Minutes, the studio's charity iOS game. We spent some time with it, which you can read all about here.

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