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Addon Spotlight: Planning my day around Daily To-Dos


Each week, WoW Insider brings you a fresh look at reader-submitted UIs as well as Addon Spotlight, which focuses on the backbone of the WoW gameplay experience: the user interface. Everything from bags to bars, buttons to DPS meters and beyond -- your addons folder will never be the same. This week, plan your day around dailies!

Daily quests are the bane of my existence. You're going to say, "But Mat, aren't dailies great ways to make easy gold or are usually quick enough to only really take a short amount of time a day?" Yes, good reader, both of these things are true. Dailies are not the bane of my existence because they are bad, but rather because I am "that guy." Who is "that guy," you ask? You know him -- he comes in many forms.

That guy has every Argent Tournament mount ... on multiple characters. That guy has done the Pebble daily enough that he should have a pet Therazane. That guy collects Tol Barad commendations for the fun of it, just to provide the Baradin Wardens and Hellscream's Reach quartermasters with a commendation stimulus program. Quartermaster Brazie and Pogg support their respective families on that guy's diligence.

Now, I've talked about daily addons before. Most notably, one of my personal favorite daily addons is Daily Grind, allowing me to speedily grab all of my dailies with just a mouse click. For convenience's sake, this is one of those addons that just makes life dandy.

This next addon, however, lends itself to the organizational aspects of doing dailies that people like me get a kick out of.

First, as usual, a story. Many people know that I recently switched my once-alt-now-mainish warrior over to the Alliance to raid with Matticus and Lodur's wonderful group of people (except key hunters.) When I had originally made the warrior, my friends called me crazy that I wanted to get some of the Argent Tournament mounts, including some of the fliers, for the fresh warrior. What can I say? I am a sucker for hippogryphs.

Anyway, the Argent Tournament is probably the biggest slog you can get yourself into in WoW at the moment, possibly of all time. There are lots of parts of the grind that are odd and unnecessarily gated, as well as just being generally annoying because we did the tournament for so long. Getting those seals was all that my brain could comprehend, so that's what the plan was.

Upon moving to the Alliance, the one thing that was completely out of my mind was the fact that my Argent Tournament progress would be wiped. And wiped it was. So, here I am, thankful that I am an engineer (best profession) to quickly port daily over to those accursed grounds, Tirion locked ever in welcoming his guests to the events of the day. Jaina and Varian arrive. The Val'kyr attack. Thrall assures his gracious host that Garrosh will contain himself. It's like Groundhog Day, except no one is redeemable in this time paradox.

Daily To-Dos

What I like so much about Daily To-Dos is that it reminds me that I need to get off my butt and do these dailies. My warrior needs their tournament titles back, dammit. Also, since I'm reworking on my guild reputation, the Tol Barad dailies are an excellent place to grab some quest reputation and work on commendations for the next poor sap alt that has to do this grind again. Believe you me, I plan for the future!

My favorite feature of Daily To-Dos is the you can track just the factions that you want, and then blacklist the dailies you do not want that specific faction to track. There's a reset button that you can hit just in case you blacklist the wrong quest. Plus, profession dailies are also featured, including the jewelcrafting, fishing, and cooking dailies. Tol Barad is also featured, which makes me very happy.

Currently the addon also tracks whether you have done your daily heroic dungeon, and I'd like to see a counter tick down in patch 4.1 after the daily dungeon is changed to a "7 anytime" system. To open up the configuration window, either right-click on the minimap button or type /dtd into your favorite chat box.

If you're like me, Mr. Dailies, you'll enjoy Daily To-Dos. Think of it like your own personal reminder-bot and checklist, making sure that you're staying on top of all of your dailies. Dailies feel like a job sometimes, what with a checklist and all -- but to be fair, when do you ever get to go to work in full plate armor and slay creatures or fight in an epic tournament in the frozen wastes of a forgotten land?

Unless you're Tirion Fordring, of course. He never gets to leave ...

Download Daily To-Dos at [Curse].


Hey Mat,

I've seen a lot of people announcing in /say or /party when they have dispelled and/or interrupted a spell, which spell, and (in the case of dispels), from which party member. I'm not sure if the ability to do this comes from an addon or a macro, but I simply cannot work out how to do this on my resto shaman. I would like the simple function of "Dispelled ____ from ____" in /s, but a) I cannot find an addon to do this, and b) I'm no good with macros.

Can you help at all? Thanks!

- Tivo
I got you covered. I'm a fan of Raeli's Spell Announcer, which should do what you are talking about. I did an Addon Spotlight on Raeli's back in January 2011.

Raeli's Spell Announcer, among other spell announcing addons, has become incredibly important these days, as Cataclysm has shifted a lot of the work on controlling a fight to the DPS. It's very interesting to watch the shift in responsibility. Also, once the patch 4.1 "interrupts never miss" change gets implemented, you can be damn sure new fights will require some pretty keen interrupting.
are there any addons that make prospecting/milling easier? something where you would put the ores/herbs into a slot and it would do it for you... if not someone needs to write that. it would save me loads of time
This is my favorite email of all time, for obvious reasons. You're looking for a great addon called Panda, which will allow one-click prospecting and milling as long as the resources are in your bag. There is no real way to do it automatically unless you use nefarious means, which I would not recommend doing if you value playing World of Warcraft on the official servers. Panda is also great for gem cutting, disenchanting, and food.

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