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Wii Play: Motion has stone skipping, ghost hunting


Nintendo hasn't officially detailed the MotionPlus-enhanced minigames in the Wii Play: Motion collection, but a set of screenshots posted by GoNintendo gives an impression of all the new minigames you'll own when you decide to buy another Wiimote.

There's a game in which you fly around using an umbrella in strong wind; one called "Spooky Search," which makes use of the Wiimote speaker (to locate ghosts in your room); a stone-skipping game; and a sort of "Human Tetris" scenario in which you pose a Mii to fit through Mii-shaped holes in the wall. There's also a side-scrolling minigame about guiding balloons through mazes, something diving-themed, and a spacecraft flight game.

Wii Play: Motion will begin irritating hardcore gamers with sales on June 13 in North America and June 24 in Europe.

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