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Finally, Minerva's Den coming to BioShock 2 PC


BioShock 2 add-on "Minerva's Den" will finally make its way to PC on May 31 for 800 MSP ($10) -- that means you'll need to be hooked up to Games for Windows Live. The BioShock 2 DLC became available on consoles late last year, and in our review we found it to be a "very interesting and value-packed single-player expansion."

The road to a PC release of "Minerva's Den" has been long and awkward ever since it was announced late last year. The last time the DLC's potential PC release popped up on radar was January. Repeated requests for an update had 2K Games explaining it had "no new information at this time." So, while it may be seriously late, at least it wasn't canceled. (Why not just say so, 2K?)

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