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iOS 5 to sell text alert tones through iTunes


The beta version of iOS 5 includes a new feature that lets you buy ringtones for alert messages, and it's just one of the 200 new features that are to debut in the new operating system.

The ringtone option is found in the settings menu under the sounds. Users select any of the available alerts, like Text Tone, New Voicemail or New Mail, to see a list of available sounds. You can choose from any of the default sounds as well as "Buy More Tones." Clicking on the "Buy More Tones" button in iOS 5 launches the Ringtones Store within iTunes.

This feature and others like it were apparently too small for Jobs and other Apple luminaries to mention in the Monday WWDC keynote. Expect to see more of these little gems surface over the next weeks as developers begin diving into the beta release of iOS 5.

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