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Galaga Legions DX explodes all of the aliens June 29th, at least on XBLA

Jordan Mallory

Back in November of last year, Namco Bandai realized that what the Galaga series actually needs is neon lights and 400 trillion more aliens. Since then, the masochistic bullet-hell fanatics in Joystiq's Controller Destruction And Frustration Management Department have been anxiously awaiting Galaga Legends DX, the latest title in Namco Bandai's "Namco Generations" series of classic updates. If you've been sustaining yourself on what few morsels have been released so far, take solace in knowing that your wait will soon be at its end: Andriasang reports that DX will hit XBLA on June 29th for 800 Microsoft Points.

Hop past the jump for the latest trailer, which details your ship's new "Diffuse Fire" technique. Said ability should provide a strategic advantage compared to the Focus Fire technique seen in the last trailer. Sadly, the PSN version is still officially listed as TBD, so xenophobic PlayStation users may have to wait a bit longer to explode their way through space.

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