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First rule of Facebook: Don't quote Fight Club


Have you heard the story of Joe Lipari? In September 2009, Lipari visited an Apple Store trying to get help for an iPhone issue. He claimed he received no assistance, so he went home and posted to Facebook: "Joe Lipari might walk into an Apple store on Fifth Avenue with an Armalite AR-10 gas powered semi-automatic weapon and pump round after round into one of those smug, fruity little concierges," a paraphrased quote from Fight Club.

You can see where this is headed. One of Lipari's Facebook friends reported him to the police. Instead of a Genius Bar appointment, he wound up with two felony charges along with other charges of making terrorist threats and weapons.

The charges were dropped in February, but New York's Metro has run a profile on Lipari featuring shots of Lipari in the aforementioned Fifth Avenue Apple Store with a smirk and what some might think to be a very accurate headline. Your thoughts?

[Hat tip to Charles Apple]

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