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Team Fortress 2 players segregate F2P users with insta-ban


Since Team Fortress 2 went free-to-play, the game has gotten a little less "team" and a lot more "fortress," while the "2" has been rudely ignored. Angry paid-account players are now using a mod called "Free2BeKicked" to ban all users with a free version of TF2 from their sacred, private servers, in what may soon come to be called Frontier Justice: Apartheid Edition.

Free-game players are demanding Valve ban the mod, but as it is used on private servers, Valve's hands are tied. The mod isn't all-exclusive -- anyone who buys an item from the Valve store can bypass its check and be considered a paying player, although according to Botchweed, it would be possible to create a mod to accept only full-game purchasers. Any player can still join an official server without discrimination, but we'd avoid any servers titled "Keeping the Kore Kapable: n00bs Welcome!"

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