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SK Telecom and LG U+ launch LTE in Seoul, fellow South Koreans seethe with envy


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Frustrated by a lack of choice amongst LTE carriers? We sympathize, so join us while we ponder a relocation to Seoul where not one, but two major telcos -- SK Telecom and LG U+ -- have enabled access to the high speed protocol. Service began on July 1st for data devices (read: modems) while phones from Samsung and LG are scheduled to make an appearance this fall. While those in Seoul are already surfing at higher speeds, the LTE wave is slated to go nationwide by 2012 for U+ subscribers and in 2013 for those on SK. Still not enough 3GPP goodness for you? Add the nation's third major carrier KT and their Q3 LTE trials to the mix, and we'll know where to send you next time you're hankering for delectable download speeds with a side of spicy kimchi.

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