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Capcom Europe: Mega Man Legends 3 canceled due to lack of Devroom participation


The Mega Man Legends 3 Project "Devroom," a forum where fans could vote on elements to be added to the game, always seemed like a stunt to drum up interest in the 3DS game. However, it appears to have been used as a gauge of existing interest ... and the numbers it presented were unsatisfactory.

Speaking on Capcom Europe's Twitter account, one representative said, "Unfortunately so few fans took part in the creation of the game. It was felt the project was not worthwhile." The rep later clarified that the disappointment didn't lie with fans as it appeared, but with the Devroom as a marketing tool.

For a fan perspective, Game Informer spoke to one of the most dedicated Mega Man fans anywhere, Brian "Protodude" Austrin, who runs the excellent Protodude's Rockman Corner. He explained his dedicated work in the Devroom, and then gave an indication of how even the most loyal Capcom fans are feeling right now.

"I really think that their trust bank has been shattered," he said. "This isn't the first thing that they've done, not just with Mega Man, this is the second Mega Man cancellation within four months," he says. "Then we have the other stuff like the Mercenaries 3D DRM, and it just keeps going and going, and they're establishing this track record."

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