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Why Bobby Kotick has a cameo in Moneyball: The charitable conclusion


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Bobby Kotick has a lot of things, including money, notoriety and a collection of fluffy, collared sweaters, but he also has something most people overlook -- a heart. He's alive, after all, and most living people need a beating mechanism to circulate blood throughout their bodies, and Kotick is no exception (unless he really is a cyborg sent from the future who got lost in the stock market on his way to kill a teenage boy). He also, however, has a sense of compassion, at least a little bit.

Kotick has a small cameo (0:17 above) in the coming Brad Pitt movie, Moneyball, and we didn't know why he was in it -- turns out, it's all for charity. Kotick is buddies with Moneyball director Bennet Miller (Capote), who asked Kotick to be in the film. Kotick said yes, but only if Miller made a movie for the Call of Duty Endowment, Kotick's non-profit company that helps veterans transition into civilian life after their service. Kotick doesn't want a credit in the film and doesn't intend to pursue an acting career; he just wanted to help America's veterans. It's downright heartwarming.

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