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    Daily iPad App: Delivery Status touch, A package tracker


    Delivery Status touch is a package tracking app that's compatible with more than 30 delivery services worldwide including UPS, FedEX, and DHL. The app tracks multiple packages from multiple sources and looks great on the large screen of the iPad.

    To use the app, you must have packages with tracking information. Entering tracking information is done manually, though the App does support vendors like Amazon and Apple. With these stores, you have to give login credentials and an order number before the app can pull down the tracking numbers. If you prefer to keep your login information private, you can select the delivery company and add the tracking number directly. Delivery Status touch also syncs to Junecloud's website which lets you manage your packages via a web interface.

    The main screen of the iPad application lets you view the status of all your packages in one handy location. It even counts down the days until the package will land on your door step. The app packs a lot of information about each package. You can view the package's location on a map, find contact information about the carrier and even pull down order information if your package was purchased from an online merchant and you have linked back to that account. You can also use Delivery Status touch to send a tracking update to yourself or someone else via email. This email sharing is done manually and is not triggered by a change in tracking.

    Delivery Status touch has almost everything you need to track your packages as they make their way from warehouse to your door step. The only missing feature is native notifications that alert you when there's a change tracking information. You have to launch the app to see if a package has been delivered or delayed. The iPad app does not seem to support iOS notifications and there's no way to setup automatic email or text message notifications from within the app. The solution for notifications provided by Junecloud requires you to have the Mac version of the app running and Junecloud sync account to send notifications to your iOS device.

    Delivery Status touch is available as a universal app for the iPhone and the iPad for US$4.99.

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