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First Bungie Aerospace project detailed, Crimson: Steam Pirates hits iPad next week

The very first project setting sail under the Bungie Aerospace flag is Harebrained Schemes' Crimson: Steam Pirates and it's leaving port on September 1, with its compasses pointed towards the free-to-play frontiers of the iPad. Promising turn-based gameplay coupled with a "mystery" that, as mysteries are wont to do, needs uncovering, Crimson: Steam Pirates certainly has presentation in the bag.

But what else will your $0.00 buy you? The site details eight "voyages that begin the tale of Thomas Blood's adventures in the Caribbean," two "'Pass-and-Play' multiplayer scenarios," oodles of ships, subs, airships, and unique crew members, and of course, stats, Leaderboards, and the unavoidable Facebook integration. If you're wondering how anyone makes money off this would-be treasure hunt, it's simple: while the first eight missions are free-to-play, "Chapter 2, 'Tales of Captain Blood' will feature another eight missions for $1.99." That's what we call buried treasure.

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