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Congratulations to the 2011 Dream Build Play winners!


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Swing Swing Submarine, creator of adorable puzzle-platformer Blocks That Matter, is the grand-prize winner of the 2011 Microsoft Dream Build Play competition, earning $40,000 and the opportunity for an XBLA publishing contract. In Blocks that Matter, you play as a Tetrobot, a tiny mining machine, to drill blocks of different minerals, which are stored and later reused to help Tetrobot find his kidnapped creators. Blocks That Matter is available now on Steam and XBLIG.

Congrats to grand-prize champion Blocks that Matter and the following Dream Build Play winners:
  • First Prize ($20,000): Solar 2
  • Second Prize ($10,000): TIC: Part 1
  • Third Prize ($5,000): Sequence
  • Honorable Mention (Production Quality): Alien Jelly
  • Honorable Mention (Innovation): The Bridge
  • Honorable Mention (Fun Factor): Ninja Crash

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