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The Gunstringer's launch DLC free to all Xbox Live members on Sept. 20


The only thing more charming and out of place than an interactive, full-motion video addendum to a game about an undead marionette cowboy is free DLC. "The Wavy Tube Man Chronicles," an anachronistic add-on to Twisted Pixel's Kinect debut, The Gunstringer, is currently free only to Xbox Live Gold subscribers. Man, what a bunch of withholding assh --

"So right now DLC is free to gold members only but don't let that discourage you (or call us assholes yet ;)," tweets Twisted Pixel. "It goes free to Silver next Tues."

On the other hand, if you want to hurl obscenities at Twisted Pixel over an agonizing World 3 level in Ms. Splosion Man, we'll join you in a foul-mouthed chorus.

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