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GodsWar Online takes the battle to a whole new level


GodsWar Online is on the verge of another major content update, and it's never our wish at Massively that players be caught unaware, just in case you want to plan ahead and move laundry night to a different day or something.

The Grecian title will be throwing a gob -- which is made up of 10 goblets -- of additional features and content our way, including a level cap increase and a new storyline for players to enjoy. As the conflict between the three factions rises to an even higher level, elite warriors will be glad to get their hands on Class Suit III gear, not to mention to be able to upgrade said gear with collected medals.

GodsWar will be tweaking Wonderland somewhat, particularly in regard to tougher BOSS fights (although there will be new weaknesses that players can exploit). The update will also allow you to swap out your character's gender for a modest fee, just in case you choose poorly in the beginning or are discontented with your current anatomical features.

[Source: IGG press release]

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