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Wurm Online's studio changes its moniker


It may be a new name, but it's the same old team. The makers of Wurm Online have changed their studio name from Onetoofree to the more alliterative Code Club.

According to the website, the name Onetoofree was always intended to be a temporary one and was too annoying to relay to people vocally (as you'd always have to spell it out). The old title also gave no strong impression as to what the studio was like or did.

Code Club fits the team's visions and is aiming to be identified as an "exotic-style" company. After all, according to its site the company serves "hot coffee and cold drinks in our spacious jungle lounge." Because the name change hurts the company's Google rankings, the studio asked that everyone in the world -- or at least dedicated fans -- start Googling "Code Club" instead.

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