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Motorola RAZR open for unlocked bootloader business, if the carrier says so


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Promises, promises. Motorola wasn't exactly fibbing when it said all future phones would ship with unlockable bootloaders, as it appears they will. There's just one teensy obstacle impeding the joy of ROM flashers worldwide: it's up to the carriers' discretion to keep it that way. In a chat with AusDroid, Moto's VP of Enterprise Mobile Devices, Christy Wyatt, revealed that the RAZR would indeed be the OEM's first device to ship with a software unlock. Unfortunately, as in the case of the DROID variant, operators like Verizon have chosen to put the smack down on any custom hackery, citing the typical concerns over security. But it's not all grey wireless skies, the handset's global version will ship with the code on board, so your best bet for CM7 and MIUI looks to be an off-contract option. Or, you know, there's always that Big Red Galaxy Nexus.

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