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HTC releases Q3 earnings report: profit up 68 percent, shipments soar 93 percent

Amar Toor, @amartoo

It's been another stellar quarter for the folks over at HTC. According to the company's Q3 earnings report, released today, net income rose to NT$18.68 billion (about $624.6 million) this quarter -- a 68 percent increase over Q3 2010 and a seven percent bump over last quarter, when HTC reported record profits. Revenue, meanwhile, rose by 79 percent on the year to NT$135.8 billion (around $4.54 billion), which the manufacturer attributed to "strong brand recognition, leading product portfolio and expanded distribution channels." On a regional level, HTC saw the strongest growth in China, where sales increased by a factor of nine over the past year. This undoubtedly helped the company boost handset shipments, which increased by a whopping 93 percent over the year, to 13.2 million units. For more details and crunchy numbers, hit up the source links, below.

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