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Chahi: No plans for From Dust 2, new game will take a year or two

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In a recent postmortem interview with Eurogamer, Eric Chahi spilled his guts about his world-shaping strategy-esque downloadable, From Dust. While development on the game had its share of highs -- Chahi said he was "very touched" after getting an endorsement from fellow gaming industry icon Peter Molyneux -- and lows, Chahi was happy with the finished product. Of course, it doesn't hurt that "it sold very well." We'd be pretty happy about that, too.

Despite his exuberance for the game, Chahi told Eurogamer that "right now there is no plan" to do a From Dust sequel. He explained he wants to do something "very original," and that he has a few ideas as to what that could be. Don't worry about him taking a 13-year break (as he did after his last game, Heart of Darkness) -- Chahi said that work on his next game will take "something between one year and two years, maximum." Godspeed, Eric. (No, seriously. Pick up the pace.)

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