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Daily iPhone App: My Town 2


You probably remember Booyah's MyTown, which eventually claimed more users than even Foursquare for a time. Booyah's management has switched up a bit since then, but the company is still plugging away at the iOS market, most recently releasing a sequel to MyTown called (not surprisingly) My Town 2. This version runs is more of a traditional social game, similar to Farmville, Cityville or any number of time-based management titles.

Much like the original, the draw of My Town 2 is that you build cities with real places from your own neighborhood. Checking in to those places helps you break open rewards and items that you can't get anywhere else. Unfortunately, this means My Town 2 is sticky with the marketing. There's a whole lot of brand placement and not a lot of game play. I'd prefer more action and less marketing of the in-app purchases.

But Booyah has been at this a while and they've reached an acceptable balance, especially considering that this is a freemium game and service. If you enjoyed the first MyTown, or if you just want to see what Booyah is all about, My Town 2 is well worth the download. It's free on the App Store in a universal version right now.

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